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Since its inception, iScholar has been in the news for its various award-winning efforts. Constantly breaking new ground in the field of online education, here are some of the media mentions from the recent past.

The ex-Indian Army Officer Built a Live Streaming Service for Teachers


Rajendra Prasad Nadella had two dreams. To get into the Indian armed forces and second, make quality education accessible to children across the country. After living through his first dream by serving with the Indian army between 1990 and 2007, Nadella decided to embark on his second dream....

READ MOREPost: 29.06.2018
iScholar ties up with Anand Kumar of Super30


iScholar, a start-up that provides online courses, has partnered with Anand Kumar of Super30 fame, in an effort to bring down costs of IIT-JEE entrance exam coaching by 90 per cent. Kumar is the brains behind Bihar-based Super30, which yearly selects 30 meritorious students...

READ MOREPost: 28.06.2016
Super 30's Anand Kumar goes online to help students prepare for IIT-JEE


Math wizard Anand Kumar’s 'Super 30' concepts goes online to help more students crack IIT-JEE, from all across India. So far, kumar has been selecting his students for super30 onhis own state who can't afford coaching for IIT JEE, but now he is approachable to other students through videos...

READ MOREPost: 15.12.2017
One-room schoolhouse...


A few weeks ago Dharampal Yadav received momentous news, the kind of news that, in an instant, fundamentally and irrevocably alters a person's life. He rushed home to this village in the rural Bihar state to tell his family, and they celebrated with him - even though none of them really had a sweet clue what he was talking about....

READ MOREPost: 26.03.2017
All 'Super 30' students crack IIT-JEE Advanced


Mathematician Anand Kumar's Super 30 has once again created a record as all 30 out of 30 candidates have cracked the IIT-JEE Advanced examinations, results of which were announced on Sunday. i am happy that all 30 candidates have cracked the IIT-JEE Advanced this year ...

READ MOREPost: 11.06.2017
How Anand Kumar Manages To Make JEE Easy


Passion, Desire and Motivation are what Anand Kumar expects from his students. He wants his students to focus on the learning and not the lucrative package that a degree from IITs can get you Every student with an aptitude for science, has a dream to unlock the doorway to their dream institution...

READ MOREPost: 17.07.2018