Our Inspiring Story

Founded by an eclectic group of technologists, educationists and social entrepreneurs, iScholar, a provider of on-demand online education and learning services, seeks to bring out social change through delivery of affordable, interactive live learning experiences and by collaborating with subject matter experts in improving quality education best practices


Bridging the Digital Divide Through Online Education

Founded in late 2013 and seed funded by its promoters, iScholar has spent last five years in product development and customer testing of its collaborative learning platform that is at the very heart of its offerings to target customers worldwide. The iScholar Learning Platform, an on-demand live tutoring platform, enables anytime, anywhere collaborative learning opportunities for students, professionals and citizens to learn in a near “in-person” experience complete with customized study, interactions, assessments and remedial measures. This platform is widely being used by both private and governmental institutions to deliver learning and education programs (LEAP) in urban, semi urban and rural areas of the Indian subcontinent. iScholar solutions benefit not just students, but also education service providers including schools, colleges, professional trainers, tutors, corporate, government and non-government organizations.

A services layer is now enabled on top of the iScholar learning platform that enables digital class room services or live tutoring targeted at schools and colleges keen on offering online classes to its students and video based tutoring, with content specially prepared for iScholar by subject matter experts. Through its interactive live learning and tutoring platform, iScholar also works with good samaritans, corporates, governments and non-government organizations keen on engineering social change through cost effective, continuous education.

The iScholarship program, launched by the company, is designed to ensure no child loses the right to education just because of poverty. Qualifying criteria is simple and those who qualify, irrespective of their age, gender and geographical location, are invited to take online schooling, access language proficiency courses or attend exam preparation courses available on the iScholar learning platform, free of charge.

Deeply aware that while majority of organizations appreciate that using e-learning can speed up learning, few make the switch from traditional to online learning easily, especially because they don’t clearly understand what part of their traditional learning activities they should move online. iScholar plans to spend considerable time and effort in educating target users on benefits of online learning in bringing about organizational and social development.

Our Vision is to create a knowledge grid of the best teachers and learning methodologies to impart quality Education On-Demand (EOD) through innovation.

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  • Be a preferred online source in the quest to garner knowledge, satisfy curiosity and gain insight into areas of interest in an engaging and hands-on manner
  • Collaborate with best teachers and institutions and build a world class knowledge hub
  • Integrate technologies and systems seamlessly to provide high-quality interactive learning experience at a moderate cost to drive knowledge enabled growth
  • Stay committed to exploring innovative learning methodologies and continuously evolve best practices