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Our mission is to build a grid of India’s most influential teachers & individuals who are also driven by social causes. Shri Anand Kumar known for his social work world over, has joined us in helping shape the future of Indian students.


“If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.”



We believe digital education is the future of all education, especially for a country like India with students residing in faraway remote places. Every deserving student in the country can flourish when taught by the best teachers this country has to offer. iScholar’s vision is to make it happen.

Best Teachers

Considering the impact of digital education on 1-to-many, it’s possible for us to choose the absolute best teachers and enable them to have countrywide impact

Interactive Content

Interactive digital media enables students to interact with content at their own convenience. We have built features in our platform to enable seamless interaction.

Video Lectures

Watching and listening teachers teach in a language that student can understand makes content more comprehensible. Our primary mode of teaching is through videos.


We help young students identify their strengths using aptitude tests and expert counseling on phone, enabling them to take informed decisions on career choices.

Engineering Social Change with
Digital Education in India

A population of over 1.2 billion people, a majority of which continues to live in poverty, takes home in a year what an entry level graduate earns in a month. Millions can't even read or write. Countless women and girls lack even basic human rights including right to education, sanitation and healthcare.

Since independence, a lot has changed for the better though, but it is clearly not enough, given our growing population and problems associated with it. Good samaritans, corporates, governments and non-government organizations have worked hard to bring about a positive change, but a larger scale change is possible only through continuous education of our populace.

Technology has the power of not only bridging the divide between, but also expediting the transition. Recognized the world over for our technology acumen, India has the power of bringing out greater social change cost efficiently and quickly through the confluence of Information Technology (IT), Communication and Internet technologies. And more specifically through deployment of live learning and tutoring experiences offered by iScholar.


Bridging the Digital Divide

Bringing highest quality education to every deserving student in the country is herculean task. We’ll need all the help we can to succeed in this mission. Listen to Shri Anand Kumar and Col R. P. Nadella explaining how this revolution in education is going to shape the future of students in the country and why Shri Anand Kunmar chose to join us in this journey.

I30 JEE is iScholar’s one of the most popular offerings. Developed under the guidance of Shri Anand Kumar (Super 30), i30 JEE is arguably the best and the most affordable online education program in the country. With 500+ hours of high quality video lectures, 1000s of IIT JEE level questions, 150+ quizzes etc., it brings the best quality IIT JEE coaching to students living even in the most remote areas of the country.

iScholar in News

Opinions of our thought leaders regarding digital education in India are covered generously by various print, TV and online media. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for thoughtful editorial content in education and education technology space.
Super 30's Anand Kumar goes online to help more students prepare for IIT-JEE
Math wizard Anand Kumar’s 'Super 30' concepts goes online to help more students crack IIT-JEE, from all across India. So far, Kumar has been selecting his students for Super 30 on his own state who can't afford coaching for IIT JEE, but now he is approachable to other students through videos, live tutoring and assessments online. Recently, Anand Kumar tied up with Benaluru based iScholar Education Services Pvt. Ltd...
IScholar – Spreading the Education Net
The company that works to fulfil late Abdul Kalam’s dream, “… a good mathematics teacher teaching mathematics in a remote village like Chandipur school in Orissa, should be able to teach number of schools located in different parts of the country including Konkan villages in Maharashtra, interact with the students in sequence and be able to clarify the doubts…”, uses a model that enables quality education online...
How Tech Advancement Can Improve Learning Standards of India
Every year millions of student across the country graduate from school with a dream to reach the most prestigious engineering institute in the country, the IIT. It is the dream which makes millions dedicate months and years on preparation, investing lakhs and learning from the best. While students from the urban cities can avail the facilities that lay the foundation to ...
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